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Who doesn't like free things (especially when it is encouraging)!? Last year, I created a mantra for each month. I want to keep the encouragement going with an inspirational word, quote, or phrase. You can download a version for your phone or desktop and you can also download the painting as a print!


The words I have be speaking over myself the past few weeks are “Radiant inner peace”. I catch myself putting so much of my value into sales, likes, and interactions with a cyber world. I’ve had to step back and ask myself, “Do I like me just for me or is my value so rooted in my actions”? This is NOT an easy question for me. I am learning to love myself in every season I am in. I am learning to redefine what success and “thriving” looks like. I truly believe a radiance overflows out of us when we enter a place of loving ourselves in the true present moment. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, I hope these words can inspire you as well as we enter this new year. A peace that radiates out of us.

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